Julia Linstead

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Julia’s lead crystal bowls are hand blown to her specification and she draws and applies a unique stencil to each piece then sandblasts the pattern into the surface of the glass.
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Julia Linstead

I design and engrave glassware because I love the quality of light through colour and because I want to produce accessible and decorative work that people enjoy seeing and owning.

The patterns I develop are always drawn directly from nature. I like to follow the flow of the handmade glass and feel naturalistic images compliment this rather than fighting against it. My inspiration can be drawn from a microscopic form to the cosmos, but I do have a very strong attraction to anything aquatic.

My lead crystal bowls are hand blown to my specification and I draw and apply a unique stencil to each piece through which I can sandblast the pattern into the surface of the glass.

I have two strands of work, repeatable bowls and one-off forms. The repeatable bowls are blown with one or two thin layers of colour on the inside surface of the bowl. The patterns I etch are generally simplified or stylised motifs on one theme such as dragonflies or fish. With my one-off pieces, the form of the piece is important and is integral to the design. I indulge in a greater degree of detail and recently have been exploring natural forms with an abstract nature. I incorporate swathes of colour within the glass, cut edges and use the thickness of the crystal to distort and manipulate the pattern and light through the work.


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