Who’s On

Artists participating:-

Visual Art

Anne White 8. Village Hall
Connie Martin 7. Alewood
Deborah Fallas 8. Village Hall
Deryck Henley 1. Cheviot View
Geof Hickey 4. Southernknowe Studio
Iain Harkess 5. Linden Cottage
Jan Ferguson 11. Bowling Club
Janet Cleghorn 8. Village Hall
Kirstin Johnston 11. Bowling Club
Linda Foster 7. Alewood
Mary Goulden 5. Linden Cottage
Sarah Cox 9. Cross Keys
Simon Wallace 8. Village Hall
Stuart Norman 7. Alewood
Tina Holley 9. Cross Keys


Clair Norris 8. Village Hall
Jenny Ozwell 3. Southernknowe
Rob Sutherland 4. Southernknowe Studio


Julia Linstead 7. Alewood


Fiona Luing 2. Daisy Cottage
Mary McCall (Art is den) 11. Bowling Club
Murdoch Kerse 1. Cheviot View
Pat Young 4. Southernknowe Studio


Caroline Marr 2. Daisy Cottage
Roslyn Whiting 8. Village Hall


Ian Oliver 11. Bowling Club


Michael McManus 8. Village Hall
Natasha Smith 6. Furlongs
Northumbria Basketry Group 1. Cheviot View


Janis Embleton 8. Village Hall
Laura Brittain 11. Bowling Club
Mirjam Van Beek 10. Harden Vale Cottage
Pat Douglas 10. Harden Vale Cottage


Chris Ewing (Charred Wood) 5. Linden Cottage
Stuart Dalgleish (Woodlore) 7. Alewood

“Absent Friends” Exhibition

In addition to the Artists and makers taking part, we also have an exhibition of work by artists that are not taking part themselves, but who’s work we appreciate. This will be in the Cross Keys – dining room.

Artists invited to take part are:-